Competition Guidelines

  • The competition is meant to promote and develop the art of classical guitar, and it is open to all performers of both genders, and of all ages, whether professional, amateur or student.
  • The competition is national for all Myanmar residents, and has one open category.
  • The international Jury will be composed of the festival artists, which are both local and international guitarists from various countries and of established reputation in the music world. The Organizing Committee may, at any time, call for new members to take part in the Jury or substitute existing members.


  • The competition consists of two rounds, one preliminary and one final round. The preliminary round will be set on 3rd of March from 14:00 – 16:30, and final will take place on 4th March from 10:00 – 12:30:
    1. The preliminary round has individual free program around 10 minutes (minimum 8 mintues, maximum 12 minutes), including the following set pieces (which are not included in the time duration of the free choice pieces):
      1. Fernando Sor: Etude op. 35b, no. 17
      2. Fernando Sor: Etude op. 6, no. 8
  1. A lottery draw on March 3rd will be made for each contestant, which must have already prepared all set pieces, where one will be selected for each contestant by lucky draw.
  2. The individual program should include at least one piece from a different stylistic period than the mandatory pieces.
  1. The final round has individual free program around 15 minutes (minimum 13 mintues, maximum 17 minutes):
    1. The individual program should include pieces from different stylistic periods; renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, 20th century, etc.
  • Pieces played in the preceding rounds may not be repeated in the final.
  • All the pieces should be performed by memory.
  • If the competitors pass the designated time limit their performance, their performance may be interrupted at the discretion of the jury. One member of jury will serve as timekeeper.
  • Members of the Jury who are currently teaching any of the contestants or have done so in the last 3 years, must refrain from discussions and abstain from voting for their own student.


  • Upon completion of the final round, and upon the Jury’s evaluation, there will be top 3 places which will receive prizes:
    1. First Prize will receive a Natasha T58 model
    2. Second Prize will receive a Natasha N46 model
    3. Third Prize will receive a Natasha N15-C model
  • Without any regard to the general performance standard in the final round, all prizes must be awarded and designated by the Jury.
  • As for the ranking and assignment of prizes, the decision of Jury is final, and no protests or appeals will be considered.
  • The Myanmar International Classical Guitar Festival is entitled to make audio and visual recordings of the competition and arrange broadcasts and distribute without any remuneration to the competition participant concerned.